Prospective Marriage visa (subclass 300)

This visa is a temporary visa valid for nine months which allows the applicants to travel to Australia and marry their Australian Partner during the visa period.

Visa Requirements:

In order to apply for this visa, you must: 

  1. Intend to marry and live as husband or wife with an Australian citizen or permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen during the visa period.
  2. Be sponsored by your prospective spouse
  3. Know and have met in person your prospective spouse 
  4. Be outside Australia when you lodge your application and when the visa is granted
  5. Meet age, health and character requirements.

Including Family Members:

You can include the following family members in your application:

  1. Your dependent children or step children

What this visa lets you do in Australia:

  1. To entering Australia before you marry your prospective spouse.
  2. Work and study in Australia.
  3. Have multiple entries and leave Australia during the period of visa.
  4. Apply for a Spouse Visa after marriage.

 How we can help you:

  1. Consultation service

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  1. Visa Service

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